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Our brand began in the late 19th and early 20th century as a line of over the counter preparations designed to help specific needs. Times have changed, our knowledge has grown and we are back to provide products that meet specific needs, contain quality, all-natural ingredients, and are tested and proven to work.


We aim to provide that feeling of an old home remedy you know and trust, with all the modern testing, science and medicine to back it.


No nonsense. Just high quality products that help improve your everyday health.


“I’ve worked in a pharmacy since I was 15 and after seeing the lack of choices available I hand crafted some recipes that provide customized formulas for specific supplemental needs.  Whether you’re targeting depletions or looking to provide supplemental support, you can rest assured that Dr. Pierce’s Favorite provides nothing but quality FDA approved ingredients.” - Loren Pierce, RPh

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, and competitive prices.

Our products are manufactured and tested in the USA using state of the art machinery and laboratories that are FDA regulated and inspected.

We will continue to add new products to our expanding line to fit your health needs. Please let us know what you would like to see by contacting us @ 678-788-8185 or

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